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We help corporates succeed by connecting them to the world’s most innovative tech companies.

We help growth-stage tech companies scale by bringing them to the attention of global corporates.

We are global innovation brokers – we bring together the brightest people on the planet.



How WiderPool works

We work with our advisory board and corporate network to identify key industry verticals, innovation challenges and opportunities for growth.

We design and undertake a global call to growth-stage tech companies, attracting only the brightest thinkers and innovators.

We screen and curate the results with a panel of technology experts, investors, corporate innovation specialists and M&A leaders.

We select the winners of the global call, before carrying out due diligence and negotiating business terms with each winner.

We provide integration services to help our winning tech companies and selected corporate partners deliver mutual revenue growth.



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  • Needing capital and business development resources
  • Struggling to establish credibility
  • Lacking network breadth


  • Acting as innovation brokers
  • Unlocking business development value for growth-stage tech companies
  • Answering innovation challenge for corporates


  • Struggle to innovate internally
  • Under threat by disruptive innovators externally
  • Challenged by traditional business model

What we offer tech companies

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Funding: initial development capital of $250,000 with follow-up funding.

Connections: access to C-level executives in our global industry network.

Support: dedicated services and assistance to help realise global growth ambitions.

Guidance: advice and direction on meeting corporate needs and product commercialisation.

Calling all innovators

We’re looking for tech companies that can help corporates to retain customers, increase usage/ARPU, capture new adjacent business, reduce costs or increase efficiency in a breadth of sectors and technology verticals. Primarily, in the Telecoms, Fintech or Big Data verticals.

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News & Events

WiderPool’s second call is live

Our second global call is now open!
If your company has innovative solutions for Telco, Fintech or Big Data, you have until the end of May 2016 to apply.

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